Spring Is Here…With A Twist

I know we are in the middle of some very trying times. With COVID-19 all around us, let’s all stay safe and stay home. I miss all of my past and present clients and can’t wait to meet new clients as this pandemic fades away. I don’t know when I can reopen the office. The government will let us know. Until then, please do all you can to be healthy. I have had many clients offer to send money or buy gift certificates to keep me afloat until I can work again. PLEASE keep your money for now. You might need it at some point. I will be okay. I have had many years of working hard and saving for the rainy days. When this passes, just call me! Come back to the office and allow me to help you with all of your aches and pains. I wish I could be there for all of you now. It saddens me to not be able to help. We are not considered essential workers! Know that you are in my thoughts each day and we will get through this!